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Celebrating 1st Anniversary of being a Stay-At-Home-Mom!

September 22, 2010 Leave a comment

Yes…. It’s really unbelievale that i’ve been a SAHM for the last 1 year of my life…  At times I feel that time just flew away in front of my eyes…. but other times I feel like I’ve been counting each and every minute for ages…

Anyways… altogether its quite ok for me I guess…

Before quitting my job I thought that being jobless (read useless) would completely affect my whole ego and everything… But I was left with no other choices too… I’m a family girl… (I’m not sure if 28 yr old lady could be addressed as a girl… :))  But now I don’t regret atleast…

I’m a proud SAHM..(i hate the word ‘housewife’!!!) and am enjoying what I’m doing. I guess thats what that matters most.

Hello Again!!!

September 5, 2010 3 comments

  Its been a long time since I actually thought about writing a post for my blog…  I was rather shocked to see that I don’t have a single entry for August. L  L  It was just that I was caught up with something else… 31 days just flew away without me knowing…

 So now I’m here to make up for my absence in this blog-O-sphere… I’m not that sure how things are going to be. Next month we are planning for our vacation… So its yet another month of no-posts…  But what that really matters is that I should enjoy doing whatever I’m into for the time being… 

 So…this is a micro-mini-post just to announce my presence in this world of blogs… Sometimes  I wonder who all will be reading my posts… I guess there are some silent lurking going on…and I don’t mind because I am also one among them in some other blogs…

 I think it’s a good start for me as its my birthday tomorrow…  So new resolutions and decisions and hopes are always good to have…even though I’m not that good in keeping them…  J  J

 See you all….

What Have You Planned for Your Child?

July 24, 2010 Leave a comment

Yesterday we’d gone to the hyper market for weekend shopping of groceries and other items…  As usual we all three were having a good time there. While we were about to leave the mall, some sales guy approached my hd for a kid’s package. His introductory question was so intriguing as well as inviting…”what have you planned for your child?”.

Every parent would have made umpteen plans for their kids, I’m really sure about that. But when that guy asked us just in a casual way, we both were completely taken in. Generally we never used to pay attention to such promotions and the like…

The deal was all about some children’s books of Greenwich Publications. There was a collection of books for kids starting from 0 months to 6 years, with a variety of fun books, novelty books, story books, puppets, parent’s guide and a lot more. We have seen such books many times…but not all in one… The difficult part was the cost for that book. Its a way too costly package…. but any book-loving parents would go for it…just like we did! I’m not that much into books, but hd is a book-lover.

 While that guy was demonstrating the different books, dvds and all, I was curious enough to look for the names of authors and the publications… I was actually toying the idea of googling it, once we are home. I never thought hd would right away opt to take it home… But he did! And for me, my joy knew no bounds… I had planned to introduce books for my little one already. Earlier, he was not that interested in books and he always used to tear pages off. But recently he started showing a li’l inclination towards pictures, stories and particularly small books… So it was all going perfect! I’m paying that he doesn’t cause much damage to the books…coz I know that ts guaranteed to receive damages anyway! I just hope that it gets in installments….

Have you got ‘Butter-Fingers’???

July 17, 2010 1 comment

Yes! I do have!

(Some Gyan… “The word ‘butter-fingers’ often refers to someone who is so clumsy with holding objects. And mostly will drop the object out of their  hands.”)

I guess many would have it. Atleast in my home me and my hd often suffers due to it. I wonder why do I drop things carelessly in spite of trying  hard not to drop it down…  I had this habit even from my childhood days. I remember my dad always reminding me of being more careful with the stuffs I handled. Now when I work in the kitchen…its more like an ‘out-of-note-semi-orchestra’  with me doing all the talking  while my weapons and wares contribute to the sound effects!!! I am happy that my hd also is having the very same habit and we often find ourselves threatening each other when dealing with delicate objects…

All that I can say is that… Thank God we both are quite lucky enough to hold our son in our arms and which itself  reveals that it’s all about being cautious….  🙂 🙂 🙂

So, if you have butter-fingers, then don’t worry. The time will just take care of it! (Another tip.) We just have to continue playing with our lives…and leave the rest….

1st July- Manu’s Birthday

July 3, 2010 Leave a comment

Happy Birthday  my dear Manu….

It was Manu’s second b’day. We had a small celebration at our home in our own way. This time we celebrated it ourselves without family n friends… Only candles. balloons and cake cutting. Little joys of our lives…
Manu was rather amused to watch his mom and dad doing all the decorations for him and having a fabulous time at photo shoot… He was just posing for the snaps. He reminds himself to smile at the flash… Sometimes he just wouldn’t pose and would go running to Appa for the review of photo which was just taken. On the whole it was a calm, cool and joyful day!

I’m in 24/7 Production Support

June 28, 2010 6 comments

I believe all SAHMs are on 24/7 production support! Not a single day to spare… Even if its a weekend, or  a vacation  or whatever… Moms, especially that of toddlers are always on their toes. No warranty period and no backup plan for SAHMs… 😦  😦  and there is no way that you can go back and edit some settings or fix the bug in the code for better performance!!!  Everything happens real-time…..and with a very high priority issue!  ***Sigh***

When I allow my hd to babysit for sometime, when I’m running some errands, I could hear them shouting and messing up things. I’m not bragging about being a super baby-sitter…but still I feel I’m better.

There is one thing that every SAHMs should master- Time Management.  I wish I was perfect in that. There is so much to do in a day…and that too if you dont get help from someone.

Anyways, thats just my thought for now…. I’ve to busy plan for my Manu’s b’day!

Just an update…

June 7, 2010 Leave a comment

Last week just went so fast…with so many things…and updates were due pending.

Manu suddenly had a bout of fever.  Antibiotics had to be taken. I really don’t prefer taking antibiotics for kids. But he had tonsilitis and such situations can’t help. Initially there was a big defiance from him in taking medications. But later he got convinced himself that momma is not going to let him go without having medicines. Thank God it was not severe.

Another update is that one of my cousin got married. And the sad part is that none of his sisters could attend his wedding.. 😦  😦  All curse to distant living and visa problems…  😦

Yet another good news is that my best friend delivered a baby boy… I can’t wait to see their photos.