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What Have You Planned for Your Child?

July 24, 2010 Leave a comment

Yesterday we’d gone to the hyper market for weekend shopping of groceries and other items…  As usual we all three were having a good time there. While we were about to leave the mall, some sales guy approached my hd for a kid’s package. His introductory question was so intriguing as well as inviting…”what have you planned for your child?”.

Every parent would have made umpteen plans for their kids, I’m really sure about that. But when that guy asked us just in a casual way, we both were completely taken in. Generally we never used to pay attention to such promotions and the like…

The deal was all about some children’s books of Greenwich Publications. There was a collection of books for kids starting from 0 months to 6 years, with a variety of fun books, novelty books, story books, puppets, parent’s guide and a lot more. We have seen such books many times…but not all in one… The difficult part was the cost for that book. Its a way too costly package…. but any book-loving parents would go for it…just like we did! I’m not that much into books, but hd is a book-lover.

 While that guy was demonstrating the different books, dvds and all, I was curious enough to look for the names of authors and the publications… I was actually toying the idea of googling it, once we are home. I never thought hd would right away opt to take it home… But he did! And for me, my joy knew no bounds… I had planned to introduce books for my little one already. Earlier, he was not that interested in books and he always used to tear pages off. But recently he started showing a li’l inclination towards pictures, stories and particularly small books… So it was all going perfect! I’m paying that he doesn’t cause much damage to the books…coz I know that ts guaranteed to receive damages anyway! I just hope that it gets in installments….

Have your toddler started talking?

June 10, 2010 Leave a comment

Yes? Well and good.

No?  Don’t panic.

It is a  major concern among many parents (including me). Generally, a child starts babbling at the age of 6 months to 1 year. Gradually they utter certain words which they picks up from conversations they get to hear, and what is being told to them. At the age of 2, they might start talking in framed sentences, sing songs or nursery rhymes and so on. Sometimes, some children tend to start talking after 2. Its normal. Every child is unique and different in their traits. Some may be early to talk and walk while others are not.

According to doctors and experts, a child could speak about 20 to 50 words by the age of 2. My son is 23 months and he can speak around 40+ words. Then again, it varies from child to child.

In these modern times, where nuclear families replaces older  extended families, it’s quite obvious that a child gets to see and interact with only a very few people, or rather their momma and papa.  Had it been an extended family in the past, there would be grand parents to pamper them or share a story, uncles and aunts or their kids to play with. All those experiences, interactions and conversations adds to the development behaviour of children.
A prevailing myth about toddlers is that, compared to boys, girls starts talking at an early age, though it is not scientifically proven.

If your toddler has not yet started talking, make sure that you talk to him clearly. Narrate stories to him if he loves listening. While playing or so try to make him utter some words by repeating easy ones. This is just not for once or one day, but has to be repeatedly done every day whole day…  Kids just love praise and appreciation.  Encourage them when they come up with their words, or even when they mimics words or the rhythm of your speech. Mimicking sounds or tone itself is a great step in their development. 

Just hang in there, you might wonder some day all of a sudden your kid starts talking…  Rather than thinking about speech therapy for your kids, just make it an attempt from your side. It definitely yields positive results.

Even after that if you genuinely  think your child needs help, then go for it, don’t look back.

Do you have a similar story to share? Do let us know.