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My Little one’s First Story and First Song…

September 8, 2010 1 comment

These days Manu is showing significant improvement in his comprehension as well as vocabulary… He tries to repeat all possible easy words that ring in his ears… And he has started with stringing two-three words for his convenience. Till now the largest piece is that of 5 words. In between he would just fill it up with his babyish babblings. Since amma and appa are the only two individuals in his visual life today, Manu has only a restricted access to the world outside.

 We have been telling him stories about the clever crow and the hare & tortoise. Manu’s most favorite part of the stories is the conveyance means of the characters in his story. He imitates how the crow flies in the air by faking wavy motions with his tiny little stretched hands. Every time appa shows him how the hare jumps or tortoise creeps, he bursts out laughing his lungs out. Even if he doesn’t feel like laughing, he would simply feign laughter.  When ever I try to narrate him a new story, he demands for crow’s one. And it happens to be his first story.

 Earlier when we were in Bangalore, we used to swing him in our lap singing a good old baby game song. The song is in Malayalam and it goes like this… “Alaayya….pulaayaa..”  He used to enjoy the entire act of singing and swinging along. As he grew older, we hardly did that… I’m quite sure for at least 3 months we never had that stint…  And now….guess what???  All of a sudden, he started singing the whole three lines all by himself…and has been singing all day long. We are very much surprised…by that.  Even though I feel that he just came up with this one all from his memories… I still doubt how that could be possible…

Anyways…that happened to be his first song….

I’m training him with ‘Johny Johny…’  But as usual he prefers to sing it with me in fill-up-the-blanks mode. We have a virtual treaty like thing in place for handling those songs….50-50 share…  No matter how much we try to get the words out of his mouth..he just wouldn’t budge.

 I’m looking forward for the coming vacation time when he would be the king of kings for his grandpas and grandmas…. I wish he would start talking completely by the time we come back…. Keeping fingers crossed……

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The Year Gone By

July 3, 2010 Leave a comment

01 July 2009
For him, the new year started with a birthday bash…with close family, relatives and friends. He stayed cool and calm all throughout his b’day party.

‘Ba’ and ‘aaru’ were the only words then. Sometimes ‘Appa’ too. No ‘Amma’ 😦

29 July 2009
All of  a sudden one day, one night actually, he started walking! He used to climb up and get on his feet with support and may be take 2 or 3 steps before he falls into our arms. But that day suddenly he just stood up without any support and started walking around. When he felt imbalanced, he scurried.  Appa was away and I got a video saved on my moby when he started walking third time that day….

Sep 2009
He caught cold. Our home maid left and I took 2 weeks off.
Then we decided for relocation. I quit job. Quit Bangalore.

Oct 2009
We reached our Home town. Manu had viral fever again.
Appa left for his new job, leaving us with Manu’s grandpa’s and grandma’s. Too much of pampering and fun time for him. Manu and me were on bi-weekly shift to my parents and my in-laws place. Mastered mischievousness. Learnt many new words.

Dec 2009
Vaccinations! 2 pricks on Manu’s both legs. Hard time for me 😦
Manu’s first christmas without Appa. Another bout of cold for the new year.

 Jan 2010
First New Year without Appa. Manu got passport. Visa paper works went on.
Started replying ‘MANU’ when asked for his name. It was sooo cute. Every one liked it!

Feb 2010
Appa came on short vacation. Every one was so surprised when Manu jumped to his appa’s arms after waking up early in the morning. Needless to say, Appa was dumb-struck!
Even a slight variation in Appa’s tone would make Manu bend his lips as a sad smiley with tearful eyes.
(p.s Mastered other skills to make appa fall for him.)

March 2010
Started calling me ‘Amma’…. yeah!!!!  🙂

Apr 2010
After introduction of My ABCD for 2 weeks, Manu started identifying alphabets slowly.
He had started singing a malyalam song in ‘fill-up-the-blanks’ mode.
He wants us to start each line of it, for him to end it with last word in his way…  Later he became lazy to sing that.
Now “eey..appaa..ppaa..” is a distant memory. He directly jumps to “ech..aai..lee..”.
Started with his nursery rhymes. Its nice to see his expressions…

May 2010
Another round of fever and stomach disorders…  He started getting angry for silly things.

June 2010
Mommy in her mission to make him say more words, start talking and sing atleast his first song and to stop bf-ing.
Manu got his b’day dress…green n blue…

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1st July- Manu’s Birthday

July 3, 2010 Leave a comment

Happy Birthday  my dear Manu….

It was Manu’s second b’day. We had a small celebration at our home in our own way. This time we celebrated it ourselves without family n friends… Only candles. balloons and cake cutting. Little joys of our lives…
Manu was rather amused to watch his mom and dad doing all the decorations for him and having a fabulous time at photo shoot… He was just posing for the snaps. He reminds himself to smile at the flash… Sometimes he just wouldn’t pose and would go running to Appa for the review of photo which was just taken. On the whole it was a calm, cool and joyful day!

Yet another update!

June 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Since last couple of weeks, I’m finding myself out of my blogosphere…
So thought I’d make my updates more regular.
Thinking for a reason to update….
This football season, eversince Shakira’s latest peppy song has been hit-listed the charts, my Manu too goes ‘Waka..Waka’. Just that he says ‘paka..paka..’ for it. 🙂  He runs to it whenever he listens that song on tv or mobile or laptop.

As I early said, Mommy (Me) is in her Mission! In fact there are too many of them that I to get confused very often. To list a few, here we go….

1. Mission Home-Making. (or Re-Making, maybe!)
2. Mission Teaching Manu more words and make him start talking. (afterall, he is gonna be 2 yrs this July and he hasn’t started talking yet!)
3. Mission ‘Googling’. I’m finding ‘google’ as my next best friend!  🙂  🙂
I never thought I would be so addicted to browsing. These days I doubt I’m growing ‘Net-O-holic’. God knows.
4. and much more…. (to be continued….)

Latest update about Manu would be that, we’ve got new pairs of home wears for him and they all are a bit larger for him now. So he seems to be like an NBA player, though he is not too tall… 🙂
He had a hair cut last week, and now he seems to be a little more mischievious.

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June 22, 2010 Leave a comment

Mommy is in her mission to make Manu speak out new words, follow instructions and so on…  And I should admit that he is picking up quite well…

After introduction of My ABCD for 2 weeks (in march), Manu started identifying alphabets slowly.

Our ABCD song goes like this:

 Me: A..B..C..D..

Manu: eey..appaa..ppaa..

 Me: E..F..G..

Manu: ech..aai..lee..

Me: H..I..J..K..

Manu: ella..mmaa…mma..

Me: L..M..N..O..P..

Manu: daa..doo..du..

Me: ‘W’ doesn’t come here! ..Q..R..S….T..U..V..

Manu: daa..doo..du.. (very happily..)

Me: ..W..X..Y..Z..

 Manu: bee..bee… (his A..B….C..D..)

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Food for Thought…Overcoming Fears in Kids

May 26, 2010 Leave a comment

I’ve been, of late, thinking about different fears that pervades little minds… The reason being, the uneasiness that I trace in my son while watching a particular ad on tv. Since past 2 weeks I find him crying out loud at the sight of an old man slapping a guy in that ad… Similar situation happens in yet another chocolate ad where a police man hits a burglar… He runs to me for refuge with tears rolling down his cheeks… First I thought that act of being beaten up by someone was scary for him. But in other instances where there is some stunt shown in action movies, he doesn’t seem to have that problem. He doesn’t care if one is hit by another or even a bunch of people… Then I thought it could be the background sound that comes with in that ad. After a pin drop silence, suddenly there’s a loud noise of a tight slap.

It could be either of these… Initial days were difficult to control him. I used to carry him and try to make him understand that he need not worry about it… After a lot of consolation and reassurance for days continuously, now he doesn’t cry for that…but will soon get curled up on my lap… If I’m in the kitchen, then he would run till the kitchen door and will stay there untill the slapping sound gets over… He just needs a support and ensures that I’m with him…

I think that is the best and the only way to help them get over their fears. Because we can never be sure of their imaginations until they grow up to voice their fears to us. Another important thing is to let them face it and get used to it. Fears can be different and they still differs from child to child. But the common ones like fear of darkness, heights, sounds etc can go off once they get used to it. I remember, when my son started walking, he wouldn’t enter a dark room alone. Even while sleeping we used to keep a baby lamp glowing for him. Later we started sleeping with all lights off. And now he doesn’t bother to hide in a dark room while playing… Another fear which is still recovering is for the pressure-cooker whistle. It has scaled down immensely, but he gets the hint that its going to whistle before me and alerts me “Ammaa…cookku..!”. I love it!

He got rid of his fears when he got used to them. And I’ve understood that its important for the parents to remain calm, cool and relaxed and reassure them that they are with them always… We should act normal to them. If they suspects that we too are scared or anxious about something, then kids too picks those cues from parents and its easy to get transmitted. Its important not to take their fears lightly, as it wont make them less fearful and would lower their self-worth and confidence in the long run.

Apparently, some fears are helpful too. As they would make the kids stay alert and makes them behave carefully and in a safe way. In my experience the most inevitable part is being patient and intuitive. Sometimes the more scientific way of handling a fear thought out from the head wouldn’t be of much help and something which we might intuitively feel could turn out to be the best solution… All that I have to say is to have faith and stay closer to God…for He can help us in deciding the best thing, or may be He just makes us bump into someone by coincidence, who can share a similar story… We never know…

Growing Tricky!

May 25, 2010 3 comments

These days my Manu is growing a bit more stubborn and adamant… No matter how much we try distracting him, he just woudn’t budge. The usual episodes of wailing and throwing tantrums happens over water. He insists on having water all on his own. Mostly the first sip will be the only one taken properly. In a matter of seconds rest will be spilled over the floor dripping from his dress. Or he will try to pour it into some plate or whatever he gets hold of.

Everyday after dinner it has become more like Appa’s duty to make him drink water. Manu will have his cup with a very little amount of water in it and R would try to feed with another cup. Sometimes it works. Sometimes he demands for a spoon to play with, pretending to feed us. When he is cranky, he would need both the cups and the spoon and still he wouldnt settle. If we try to snatch any of them from him, he would fall on his knees screeching and roll over the floor in complete repugnance… Sometimes it just goes on for a long time and needless to say that it goes beyond my forbearance threshold… And I would leave him all on his own, feign ignorance. It never bothers him. He happily continues what he was doing… Once he is done with it, then he’s back into action… as if nothing really happened… Very tricky sometimes!

When he feels that Appa is actually not happy with what he did or if he gets a little bit of scolding, even a stare for that matter he would suddenly toss off his mood and go to Appa flashing a sheepish grin… He knows certainy how to mend Appa’s temper and fall for him by showering kisses….

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