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On my travel in this blogosphere, I bumped into few paid writing sites which claims a residual earnings for writing for them. I found it more sensible as well as doable. And the best part being, signing up is for free 😀 🙂

Obviously, there are a lot of scams going around and one has to be really cautious in identifying them. But this one I found is legitimate and I decided to break a leg. And I am happy that I don’t regret my decision and I’m quite enjoying this venture, even though it’s hardly been two months…. Lets see whats gonna happen…

Factoidz is one community which publishes your writings and allows you to share a part of the revenue they earn along with other small incentives for their writers. If you are a novice writer, then this is apt for you. They provide sufficient guidance while publishing articles. They have an editorial board who validates and approves our writings. They would ask for any update if needed. And on top of that there are other articles, posts and relevant seo tips and FAQs available to boost up your writings and readership.

I recently joined up and found that its a very good one in terms of payments and exposure. It has got an active community of fellow writers and one can easily voice their doubts in the forum available or even can message the fellow writers. The ‘vote-up’ functionality and addition of comments makes it so lively that in fact you are virtually making a circle of friends and writers of your own. It offers affiliate programs too, which is quite lucrative for the factoidz writers. Their prompt payment at each month and activity bonus makes them unique.

Joining up procedure is quite simple. You would need to fill up a form describing you, your interests and will need to send a couple of samples of your writings. If you have a blog, then you can give the best of your posts. If you are just starting off, then don’t worry, write about something which fascinates you or interests you and then submit it. They insist that all the articles should have a minimum of 400 words, which is not as hard as it seem… Within a week, they would respond to you.

In a nut-shell, its a good start for a beginner and do keep in mind that, it may not pay your bills straight away..but its quite better when compared to other pay-to-write sites.

Join Factoidz here

Find some of my writings for Factoidz below:

Introduction to Graphic Design

Late Talking in Toddlers

How to Ensure Child Safety by Childproofing

Best Wedding Gifts Ideas

Candle Making At Home

Need for Yoga in Modern Life

Side Effects of Steroids

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