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Celebrating 1st Anniversary of being a Stay-At-Home-Mom!

September 22, 2010 Leave a comment

Yes…. It’s really unbelievale that i’ve been a SAHM for the last 1 year of my life…  At times I feel that time just flew away in front of my eyes…. but other times I feel like I’ve been counting each and every minute for ages…

Anyways… altogether its quite ok for me I guess…

Before quitting my job I thought that being jobless (read useless) would completely affect my whole ego and everything… But I was left with no other choices too… I’m a family girl… (I’m not sure if 28 yr old lady could be addressed as a girl… :))  But now I don’t regret atleast…

I’m a proud SAHM..(i hate the word ‘housewife’!!!) and am enjoying what I’m doing. I guess thats what that matters most.

My Little one’s First Story and First Song…

September 8, 2010 1 comment

These days Manu is showing significant improvement in his comprehension as well as vocabulary… He tries to repeat all possible easy words that ring in his ears… And he has started with stringing two-three words for his convenience. Till now the largest piece is that of 5 words. In between he would just fill it up with his babyish babblings. Since amma and appa are the only two individuals in his visual life today, Manu has only a restricted access to the world outside.

 We have been telling him stories about the clever crow and the hare & tortoise. Manu’s most favorite part of the stories is the conveyance means of the characters in his story. He imitates how the crow flies in the air by faking wavy motions with his tiny little stretched hands. Every time appa shows him how the hare jumps or tortoise creeps, he bursts out laughing his lungs out. Even if he doesn’t feel like laughing, he would simply feign laughter.  When ever I try to narrate him a new story, he demands for crow’s one. And it happens to be his first story.

 Earlier when we were in Bangalore, we used to swing him in our lap singing a good old baby game song. The song is in Malayalam and it goes like this… “Alaayya….pulaayaa..”  He used to enjoy the entire act of singing and swinging along. As he grew older, we hardly did that… I’m quite sure for at least 3 months we never had that stint…  And now….guess what???  All of a sudden, he started singing the whole three lines all by himself…and has been singing all day long. We are very much surprised…by that.  Even though I feel that he just came up with this one all from his memories… I still doubt how that could be possible…

Anyways…that happened to be his first song….

I’m training him with ‘Johny Johny…’  But as usual he prefers to sing it with me in fill-up-the-blanks mode. We have a virtual treaty like thing in place for handling those songs….50-50 share…  No matter how much we try to get the words out of his mouth..he just wouldn’t budge.

 I’m looking forward for the coming vacation time when he would be the king of kings for his grandpas and grandmas…. I wish he would start talking completely by the time we come back…. Keeping fingers crossed……

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Hello Again!!!

September 5, 2010 3 comments

  Its been a long time since I actually thought about writing a post for my blog…  I was rather shocked to see that I don’t have a single entry for August. L  L  It was just that I was caught up with something else… 31 days just flew away without me knowing…

 So now I’m here to make up for my absence in this blog-O-sphere… I’m not that sure how things are going to be. Next month we are planning for our vacation… So its yet another month of no-posts…  But what that really matters is that I should enjoy doing whatever I’m into for the time being… 

 So…this is a micro-mini-post just to announce my presence in this world of blogs… Sometimes  I wonder who all will be reading my posts… I guess there are some silent lurking going on…and I don’t mind because I am also one among them in some other blogs…

 I think it’s a good start for me as its my birthday tomorrow…  So new resolutions and decisions and hopes are always good to have…even though I’m not that good in keeping them…  J  J

 See you all….

“Touchwood” and “Jinx”- Do they actually wok???

July 27, 2010 Leave a comment

I have heard of it since my childhood and really I don’t intent to say anything “for” or “against” it.  I believe (would rather say pretend to believe) that I’m not that superstitious. But practically…there’s a lot more to it.  I prefer not to say certain things (good ones obviously) about Manu or hd for that matter, to strangers or far relatives.  Its not that I’ve had bitter experiences because of that…but just a mindful ritual…  I’m happy that I’ve never put or used any anti-jinx thing so far…

But I should admit that,  every time I’ve said my son is having proper sleep at night…he would take maximum number of breaks in between his sleep that day!!! How can I explain???  So I always make up my mind to reply as it sounds somewhat like not-that-good-or-bad.

“Touchwood” – Yet another ritual that we (me n my hd) follow at home. Deliberately or unknowingly we don’t know. But I wonder if such things really works or not…  I just let it go. Never think too much over it! The more you think, the more complicated it becomes…

(P.S.  I’m addicted to use more ‘?’s and ‘.’s and ‘!’s and so on… Purpose not defined and habit not alterable!!! :)) )

What Have You Planned for Your Child?

July 24, 2010 Leave a comment

Yesterday we’d gone to the hyper market for weekend shopping of groceries and other items…  As usual we all three were having a good time there. While we were about to leave the mall, some sales guy approached my hd for a kid’s package. His introductory question was so intriguing as well as inviting…”what have you planned for your child?”.

Every parent would have made umpteen plans for their kids, I’m really sure about that. But when that guy asked us just in a casual way, we both were completely taken in. Generally we never used to pay attention to such promotions and the like…

The deal was all about some children’s books of Greenwich Publications. There was a collection of books for kids starting from 0 months to 6 years, with a variety of fun books, novelty books, story books, puppets, parent’s guide and a lot more. We have seen such books many times…but not all in one… The difficult part was the cost for that book. Its a way too costly package…. but any book-loving parents would go for it…just like we did! I’m not that much into books, but hd is a book-lover.

 While that guy was demonstrating the different books, dvds and all, I was curious enough to look for the names of authors and the publications… I was actually toying the idea of googling it, once we are home. I never thought hd would right away opt to take it home… But he did! And for me, my joy knew no bounds… I had planned to introduce books for my little one already. Earlier, he was not that interested in books and he always used to tear pages off. But recently he started showing a li’l inclination towards pictures, stories and particularly small books… So it was all going perfect! I’m paying that he doesn’t cause much damage to the books…coz I know that ts guaranteed to receive damages anyway! I just hope that it gets in installments….

Have you got ‘Butter-Fingers’???

July 17, 2010 1 comment

Yes! I do have!

(Some Gyan… “The word ‘butter-fingers’ often refers to someone who is so clumsy with holding objects. And mostly will drop the object out of their  hands.”)

I guess many would have it. Atleast in my home me and my hd often suffers due to it. I wonder why do I drop things carelessly in spite of trying  hard not to drop it down…  I had this habit even from my childhood days. I remember my dad always reminding me of being more careful with the stuffs I handled. Now when I work in the kitchen…its more like an ‘out-of-note-semi-orchestra’  with me doing all the talking  while my weapons and wares contribute to the sound effects!!! I am happy that my hd also is having the very same habit and we often find ourselves threatening each other when dealing with delicate objects…

All that I can say is that… Thank God we both are quite lucky enough to hold our son in our arms and which itself  reveals that it’s all about being cautious….  🙂 🙂 🙂

So, if you have butter-fingers, then don’t worry. The time will just take care of it! (Another tip.) We just have to continue playing with our lives…and leave the rest….

5 things about My HD

July 6, 2010 Leave a comment

My HD and me are so different in so many ways….

Here is a list of 5 such things where we stand different.

  1. He hates junk food. Even the sight of pizza, noodles and lays would drive him nuts. But I love them like anything! If I have tomato sauce as well, then I would die for it…..                                                                                                
  2. HD believes that Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day….blah..blah Day…  are only Archie’s/Hallmark events!   Yes you thought it right!!!    😦   😦  poor me!  : (                                                                                                                               
  3. I am a sleep-O-maniac, while my hubby dear’s sleep pattern is in bits and pieces… At any given night he would atleast wake up twice or thrice between his sleep, and I will be blissfully sleeping.                                                                                                                                  
  4. He is so fond of his electronic possessions while I don’t even bother about them…  He can be seen dusting them and wiping them so often… I wish I could adapt to that sense of feeling for my kitchen possessions!  😉  😛                                                                                                    
  5. I love watching Zoom channel and all such non-sense celebrity news…..  He hates me for that… he hee heee 😀  But still, I find them very entertaining and funny!