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My Little one’s First Story and First Song…

September 8, 2010 1 comment

These days Manu is showing significant improvement in his comprehension as well as vocabulary… He tries to repeat all possible easy words that ring in his ears… And he has started with stringing two-three words for his convenience. Till now the largest piece is that of 5 words. In between he would just fill it up with his babyish babblings. Since amma and appa are the only two individuals in his visual life today, Manu has only a restricted access to the world outside.

 We have been telling him stories about the clever crow and the hare & tortoise. Manu’s most favorite part of the stories is the conveyance means of the characters in his story. He imitates how the crow flies in the air by faking wavy motions with his tiny little stretched hands. Every time appa shows him how the hare jumps or tortoise creeps, he bursts out laughing his lungs out. Even if he doesn’t feel like laughing, he would simply feign laughter.  When ever I try to narrate him a new story, he demands for crow’s one. And it happens to be his first story.

 Earlier when we were in Bangalore, we used to swing him in our lap singing a good old baby game song. The song is in Malayalam and it goes like this… “Alaayya….pulaayaa..”  He used to enjoy the entire act of singing and swinging along. As he grew older, we hardly did that… I’m quite sure for at least 3 months we never had that stint…  And now….guess what???  All of a sudden, he started singing the whole three lines all by himself…and has been singing all day long. We are very much surprised…by that.  Even though I feel that he just came up with this one all from his memories… I still doubt how that could be possible…

Anyways…that happened to be his first song….

I’m training him with ‘Johny Johny…’  But as usual he prefers to sing it with me in fill-up-the-blanks mode. We have a virtual treaty like thing in place for handling those songs….50-50 share…  No matter how much we try to get the words out of his mouth..he just wouldn’t budge.

 I’m looking forward for the coming vacation time when he would be the king of kings for his grandpas and grandmas…. I wish he would start talking completely by the time we come back…. Keeping fingers crossed……

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