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“Touchwood” and “Jinx”- Do they actually wok???

July 27, 2010 Leave a comment

I have heard of it since my childhood and really I don’t intent to say anything “for” or “against” it.  I believe (would rather say pretend to believe) that I’m not that superstitious. But practically…there’s a lot more to it.  I prefer not to say certain things (good ones obviously) about Manu or hd for that matter, to strangers or far relatives.  Its not that I’ve had bitter experiences because of that…but just a mindful ritual…  I’m happy that I’ve never put or used any anti-jinx thing so far…

But I should admit that,  every time I’ve said my son is having proper sleep at night…he would take maximum number of breaks in between his sleep that day!!! How can I explain???  So I always make up my mind to reply as it sounds somewhat like not-that-good-or-bad.

“Touchwood” – Yet another ritual that we (me n my hd) follow at home. Deliberately or unknowingly we don’t know. But I wonder if such things really works or not…  I just let it go. Never think too much over it! The more you think, the more complicated it becomes…

(P.S.  I’m addicted to use more ‘?’s and ‘.’s and ‘!’s and so on… Purpose not defined and habit not alterable!!! :)) )