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Have you got ‘Butter-Fingers’???

Yes! I do have!

(Some Gyan… “The word ‘butter-fingers’ often refers to someone who is so clumsy with holding objects. And mostly will drop the object out of their  hands.”)

I guess many would have it. Atleast in my home me and my hd often suffers due to it. I wonder why do I drop things carelessly in spite of trying  hard not to drop it down…  I had this habit even from my childhood days. I remember my dad always reminding me of being more careful with the stuffs I handled. Now when I work in the kitchen…its more like an ‘out-of-note-semi-orchestra’  with me doing all the talking  while my weapons and wares contribute to the sound effects!!! I am happy that my hd also is having the very same habit and we often find ourselves threatening each other when dealing with delicate objects…

All that I can say is that… Thank God we both are quite lucky enough to hold our son in our arms and which itself  reveals that it’s all about being cautious….  🙂 🙂 🙂

So, if you have butter-fingers, then don’t worry. The time will just take care of it! (Another tip.) We just have to continue playing with our lives…and leave the rest….

  1. July 18, 2010 at 5:43 pm

    Butter fingers! Hmn. We all tend to be butterfingered as far as life is concerned. Butterfingered in our perspectives, in our priorities, butterfingered in our relationships. So, it is okay Nitha. Carry on! And since your husband is there to give you company in this department. Fine. But be careful with baby dear!

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