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The Year Gone By

01 July 2009
For him, the new year started with a birthday bash…with close family, relatives and friends. He stayed cool and calm all throughout his b’day party.

‘Ba’ and ‘aaru’ were the only words then. Sometimes ‘Appa’ too. No ‘Amma’ 😦

29 July 2009
All of  a sudden one day, one night actually, he started walking! He used to climb up and get on his feet with support and may be take 2 or 3 steps before he falls into our arms. But that day suddenly he just stood up without any support and started walking around. When he felt imbalanced, he scurried.  Appa was away and I got a video saved on my moby when he started walking third time that day….

Sep 2009
He caught cold. Our home maid left and I took 2 weeks off.
Then we decided for relocation. I quit job. Quit Bangalore.

Oct 2009
We reached our Home town. Manu had viral fever again.
Appa left for his new job, leaving us with Manu’s grandpa’s and grandma’s. Too much of pampering and fun time for him. Manu and me were on bi-weekly shift to my parents and my in-laws place. Mastered mischievousness. Learnt many new words.

Dec 2009
Vaccinations! 2 pricks on Manu’s both legs. Hard time for me 😦
Manu’s first christmas without Appa. Another bout of cold for the new year.

 Jan 2010
First New Year without Appa. Manu got passport. Visa paper works went on.
Started replying ‘MANU’ when asked for his name. It was sooo cute. Every one liked it!

Feb 2010
Appa came on short vacation. Every one was so surprised when Manu jumped to his appa’s arms after waking up early in the morning. Needless to say, Appa was dumb-struck!
Even a slight variation in Appa’s tone would make Manu bend his lips as a sad smiley with tearful eyes.
(p.s Mastered other skills to make appa fall for him.)

March 2010
Started calling me ‘Amma’…. yeah!!!!  🙂

Apr 2010
After introduction of My ABCD for 2 weeks, Manu started identifying alphabets slowly.
He had started singing a malyalam song in ‘fill-up-the-blanks’ mode.
He wants us to start each line of it, for him to end it with last word in his way…  Later he became lazy to sing that.
Now “eey..appaa..ppaa..” is a distant memory. He directly jumps to “ech..aai..lee..”.
Started with his nursery rhymes. Its nice to see his expressions…

May 2010
Another round of fever and stomach disorders…  He started getting angry for silly things.

June 2010
Mommy in her mission to make him say more words, start talking and sing atleast his first song and to stop bf-ing.
Manu got his b’day dress…green n blue…

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