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Yet another update!

June 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Since last couple of weeks, I’m finding myself out of my blogosphere…
So thought I’d make my updates more regular.
Thinking for a reason to update….
This football season, eversince Shakira’s latest peppy song has been hit-listed the charts, my Manu too goes ‘Waka..Waka’. Just that he says ‘paka..paka..’ for it. 🙂  He runs to it whenever he listens that song on tv or mobile or laptop.

As I early said, Mommy (Me) is in her Mission! In fact there are too many of them that I to get confused very often. To list a few, here we go….

1. Mission Home-Making. (or Re-Making, maybe!)
2. Mission Teaching Manu more words and make him start talking. (afterall, he is gonna be 2 yrs this July and he hasn’t started talking yet!)
3. Mission ‘Googling’. I’m finding ‘google’ as my next best friend!  🙂  🙂
I never thought I would be so addicted to browsing. These days I doubt I’m growing ‘Net-O-holic’. God knows.
4. and much more…. (to be continued….)

Latest update about Manu would be that, we’ve got new pairs of home wears for him and they all are a bit larger for him now. So he seems to be like an NBA player, though he is not too tall… 🙂
He had a hair cut last week, and now he seems to be a little more mischievious.

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