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Mommy is in her mission to make Manu speak out new words, follow instructions and so on…  And I should admit that he is picking up quite well…

After introduction of My ABCD for 2 weeks (in march), Manu started identifying alphabets slowly.

Our ABCD song goes like this:

 Me: A..B..C..D..

Manu: eey..appaa..ppaa..

 Me: E..F..G..

Manu: ech..aai..lee..

Me: H..I..J..K..

Manu: ella..mmaa…mma..

Me: L..M..N..O..P..

Manu: daa..doo..du..

Me: ‘W’ doesn’t come here! ..Q..R..S….T..U..V..

Manu: daa..doo..du.. (very happily..)

Me: ..W..X..Y..Z..

 Manu: bee..bee… (his A..B….C..D..)

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