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My Dream City…

In my school days, Bangalore was my dream city. City of gardens with ravishing lakes, cool weather, charming roads with shady trees on both sides, and people with mixed culture!  Altogether an ideal place for living…from the perspective of an untraditional un-orthodox mind and soul. That was BANGALORE…before. Every thing got changed in time… The weather is no more admirable. The charm and .warmth of the city is gone. The soothness and refreshness of Bangalore lakes are distant memory now…

I dreamt about staying in a small but sweet house upstairs and cruising with my then favorite black Opel Astra! Walking to some near-by church on a cold winter morning was a recurring dream.
When I finally landed in my city of dreams in the early months of 2007, I was rather disappointed.(with my dreams about the city!)
It would take a 45 mins drive from BTM to Indira Nagar, and a long boring 1.5 hrs to E-City in Infy bus. All I could see in my daily commute to work is dusty, messy, clogged roads…

Now that I’d quit Infy, quit Bangalore too, I thought of taking a deep dive into my memories about the city. How much ever I hate the traffic, I just can’t stop admiring my dream city…

Today I happened to go through those good old snaps once more and I could refresh and relive those moments again just  in a matter of few clicks!!!

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