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Baby Story

I hardly knew that this post was waiting in my drafts all these days….  It was long due…

1st July 2008  2:55  am!  It was a Tuesday morning…  He weighed 2.85 kgms. 

After all the hustle-bustle in the hospital for 2 days, it was decided to do a c-sec. I was rather satisfied with that decision as I just wanted to get over that situation… I’ve been waiting for  long…
I still remember that room, the table, lights…I’d seen all of those only in movies untill then.  I was expecting a normal anesthesia. Oh God!  I was so unaware!  But the prick at the spine was not so hard for me to bear.

After a few minutes, I heard a feeble voice…a cry… I could not believe my ears…. Finally I heard my little one’s sound for the first time…  My eyes were covered up with a dark piece of cloth.  I asked the doctor about my baby and she replied that its a baby boy and he is fine… 

Within minutes every thing got over and I was being shifted to a post surgery observation room.  On my way to that room, I felt my numb senses slowly recovered… That was hard…
I remember my hubby dear and  my mom had come to me… Visitors were not allowed there, but they insisted. I waved my hand on seeing them..to let them know that I was fine…
There was already one lady in that observation room. And after me, one more was brought in…  Then there was a chorus of unharmonious notes by the three of us until pain killers were tested and given.  After a short stay for about 1 or 2 hours, I was shifted back to my hospital room.

 I was eager to see my baby and there he was  all wrapped in a soft yellow baby blanket, sleeping blissfully.

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