R being a doting father, it’s practically impossible for him to stay cool and calm especially when Manu is on his loose. Otherwise he is very patient and down-to-earth. From past few days Manu is having a potty-time problem. We are very much bothered about that as our little one never had such a problem before.

There are quite a lot of things which are not in our hands. May be we can just try to get over it or ease out. Whenever something goes wrong, or happens in a way not expected, R would always condemn on being such a hapless person. Even though he knows there are many other things which makes him happy, sometimes he just cant help getting exasperated…

Yesterday was one such day and I was trying to make him feel good. And in that gargantuan trial, I happened to say that he was too young to be a father. Needless to say how he felt… He was showing me sad smiley face every time  I looked at him. Thank God, today morning he has forgotten about all that and he’s hale and hearty.

Sometimes it happens…your actions or words just go beyond ones expectations… And we just land in a world of bewilderment!!!

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