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Appa’s Little Man

May 9, 2010 Leave a comment

When Appa is around, Manu is more observant. He observes each and every minute details thoroughly and then imitates them the same way later. Manu would help Appa in carrying his socks to the shoe stand when Appa is getting ready for office. He rubs his tiny feet holding a pair of socks in his hands, as if he’s going to wear them. By any chance if he finds his own pair of small socks, he would do just the same. It’s amazing to see how he identifies and relates things.

Appa’s comb is yet another asset which Manu is very fond of. He holds the comb by its stalk and runs it over his hair just like appa does. He never forgets to brush-up his cute little lips, faking as his moustache…followed by patting the comb lightly on his palm to check if he has lost any hair strands. (Appa do it every time he combs, and will count the number of hair-strands he lost!)

Manu’s next big thing is to play with the laptop. Even if he is playing in the next room or watching tv, he would run to the computer when the start-up tone is heard. Then he would start pressing the keys or switching mute button or blue-tooth turning it on or off. Sometimes he just shut down the system itself… Eventhough its a menace when Manu is around the laptop, its fun watching him mouse clicking with his tiny little fingers or trying to plug-in the speaker/mike pins or pulling off the cable from USB port…completely focussing on what he’s doing….