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Menu calendar for Manu

From past 1 month I’ve started a new habit of updating my calendar with the menu I provide for my kid. People might think its ‘heights of joblessness’!!!
But I sincerely feel that its a good idea for short-term-memory-losing-moms like me to ensure that kids are being properly fed. Earlier I was much bothered about this and now..I’m NOT !!!

I insist on providing a nutritious diet which includes vegetables, fruits, milk, fish, meat, eggs, pulses and grains in adequate amounts. Yoghurt is a part of his every-day lunch. And I prefer to give him eggs every alternate days. So far…so good…

My next mission is to fine-tune his daily routines…starting from the time he wakes up till bed-time. I know its going to be very tough.. Ever since I’ve tried to implement my plans on him, he would’ve started another way of doing it!
I think before I fine-tune him, I better tune myself to fit in that… One thing I’ve noticed that whenever I plan for something, I prefer to jot down in a paper or a book… (cons of having had a career in software engg…!!! Sigh!!!) And my plan would look absolutely fine in paper….(‘Perfect’ I meant!) until an attempt is made to get in sync with that…
Good luck to me…

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  1. June 4, 2010 at 2:46 am

    We are in the same boat dear. STM less mothers .

    I really need something like that. A menu chart to ensure that I am not as lazy as I feel. May be like you said ‘ heights of joblessness ‘ .

    Anyway it is now official among my relatives and friends that I am bit loose ( if u get what I mean ) !

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