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A page from my diary journal…

A page from my diary which I could hardly resist posting out here… I could relive those emotions…

Sometime in the fall winter of ‘2009…

I’d gone for a coffee @CCD after a long time. I happened to see how crowded the campus is. I was just looking around for people, huge buildings, nice fountain deck near the coffee-shop, nicely curved pavements, lawns well maintained, weather soo gloomy…Everything was so perfect…

My eyes got tucked upon a huge gang of trainees. I could see them walking n running busy talking, or laughing at someone’s joke, gals giggling and some smoking. Some even found time enough to spare n spent in the corners or the shades with their dear ones.
Suddenly everything around got me a rare feeling!!! I felt I was missing something!!!
May be ‘friends’! I thought.
Yes true!!! Its friends. I’ve become friend’sick.
None of my friends are within my hands reach now. Ofcourse we do find sometime in our busy lives to catch-up with each other. But not like before.
How many hours….day n night have been spent lazing around talking n blabbering enjoying the life to the fullest! I miss those good old days!!! Time changes everything..Priorities too…

Looking at myself today… my profession, my life, my roles, being a responsible wife, a mother, a home-maker… How can I expect myself to spare much for ‘others’? Where ‘others’ meant more (much much more) to me once upon a time.
In my day-to-day life, I find myself busy with sooo many things, meeting deadlines, checking if my baby is growing up the way I expect him to, if my kitchen has all its groceries in store for the week, if my husband has his wardrobe ready till the weekend, If I myself am running out of something. Calling ‘Home’ n ensuring if all are doing fine, attending calls, making calls which I’m supposed to and at the end of the day, setting aside all those pile of things that I had to do and n put him to sleep and then trying to get some sleep for my own before he wakes up in the middle of the night n starts playing…..!

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