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I was talking to my mom yesterday. Just a usual call…to catch-up with each other.
Every alternate day we are expected to make calls…to my parents and my in-laws as well… It has become more like a routine now. Since my husband is very busy these days, I had to make the calls all alone.
I was literally juggling with my son in one hand and making attempts to converse using my other. Every 5 seconds my mom could hear me yelling or my junior mandrake screaming, followed by a pause for few seconds. And the conversation resumes until hit by yet another sequence of orchestrated vocal-works by me n my junior… After considerable amount of time, the call ends…
And I made my second call…to my in-laws. Surprisingly I found myself to be more patient and normal. Instead of yelling, I was talking sanely to my kid. I dont know from where this brand new patience comes from….
Ofcourse it should be there within me… But its timely visits occurs only when triggered by intrinsic factors!!! 😉
Does this happen with others as well???
I think parents are rather taken-for-granted. We dont much bother about how they takes us. No matter what we say or what we show.
But with in-laws, I believe every one would be more thoughtful and respectful.
Anyways, its purely my opinion…
I’m sure my hubby dear will have something to contradict….