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Should kids be encouraged to watch tv?

April 28, 2010 5 comments

I know the answer is ‘NO’. But sometimes when I’ve got some work in the kitchen, I prefer him to sit and watch tv in the living room. (only ads please..)  He thoroughly enjoys the ads aired on tv. He giggles, laughs and sometimes nods his head as its in the ad. If I let him stay in the kitchen for more time, he’ll indulge in doing some of the mischievous tasks in his list!

Location : Kitchen
Task List :
1. Pull the gas cylinder as much as he can. Or turn the knob of the cylinder (if possible, stove as well) on/off. (Mini Heart Attack #1 for me.)

2. Pull the cable plug for fridge. The plug socket here is so well designed that even a small wind-blown can make a loose connection. (MHA #2)

3. Play with the water can in every possible way. Thank God it has got a narrow neck. If he succeed in getting the cap out of the can then I can expect some of his building blocks or plastic spoons or any ‘trash-able’ material in it.

4. Sometimes he tries to take some dish or his favorite play item – wooden spoons or coloured coffee-sieve from the kitchen counter. Every time I need to make sure I have not placed any hot material with in his reach. (MHA #3)

5. Crawling  under the corner table with entry from one side and exit from the other.  He is so specific about that! If there’s a water can placed under the table, then he tries to go in between the can and the table-legs. I’m worried if he would bang his head on them. (MHA #4)

6. Open the kitchen cabinets and play with the clean utensils or the groceries kept there. Sometimes he mimics me using a vessel and a spoon exactly the same way I clear-up the sticky things on the spoon or stir up the cooked food.

7. He carries those utensils one by one to the play-mat in the living room and starts playing with them. Probability for a MHA is very less here.  *Sigh*

8. If he gets cranky he would lean on me and asks me to lift him up. If I don’t he’ll keep on pushing me, whining uncontrollably.

Should I say anything more???

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