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Selective Amnesia Syndrome

Usually it happens with me and my hubby. I’ve observed that it has just started and it’ll be about something very silly that you dont even remember. Once he had told me that there is one x brand jewellry in our near-by city. Last day I was telling him that I want to go to that jewellry before we go home for vacation. And guess what…He doesn’t even know that there is such a jewellry in this country…! After some ‘sshh..’-‘aaahhh..’-‘ooohhss..’ we just left it like that. 

Simillar thing happened with him as well. And I dont remember even a bit of what (he thinks) I’ve told him. Sometimes it happens that we’ll have “that” exact thing at our minds but would have forgotten the person who have said it. And mostly the person occus to be me or my hubby. Thats the funny part. At some occasions either of us would boast about “that” thing with a ‘i-know-u-dont-know’ attitude. The other person justifies the ‘how-where-when’s of it. Soon the ‘i-know-u-dont-know’ attitude fades to an ‘its-so-incomprehensible’ expression!!!

Thank God it happens with both of us.

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