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Bringing Up Manu

I never thought that bringing up babies would be so difficult. I feel its a little more easier at their early months. During Manu’s first year, Ifound it much more better to  handle. Once they start toddlling, then its more like chasing a chicken all day, everyday!  Whatsoever baby-proofing done at home seems to be all in vain before him. They will be soon prevailed over by this little master. I wonder from where Manu  gets all his ideas.

All the plug points at home are within his reach. Only God knows why they had to place all those switch-boards down on the walls. We have insulated every possible plug sockets with tapes. Even the cables are plastered to the walls with tapes. Apart from all these, Manu still manages to pull the cable out from the tape. He makes sure that Appa n Amma have seen him doing it. The mischievous smile on his face while perfroming this is incredible. Whatever we do to take his attention out of the cable would just not suffice. He’ll return to his touch-me-touch-me-not play again!!! Sometimes I get phisically exhausted and emotionally drained and I end up spanking him. But later I feel guilty about it. My husband would never hit our son. He tries to scold and takes him away from the battle-ground.

Howmuch ever I try not to hit Manu, I cant help it sometimes. He gives me minor heart-attacks at times and  I’ll be completely out  of my control.  I always wonder how my daddy and amma managed all these when we (me n my sis) were kids. I remember they both have not even laid their hands on us ever. They should be worshiped!!! Daddy was short-tempered before and used to scold us. We were really scared of him when he loses his temper. But Amma is soft-hearted. Besides being a working mom, she always managed to do everything so well. How could they do that? I feel so ashamed of myself. I’m a stay-at-home-mom with just one kid 2 yrs old and I’m finding it difficult to manage. I should’ve inherited atleast something from my parents on this.

 Things that were never done before seems to be very easy until you do it. Someone has rightly said that ‘you have to get into other’s shoes to know how does it prick’!

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