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Have we grown-up really?

April 26, 2010 Leave a comment

Someday R was just filling the water bottle out from water-can. I saw him doing this with great care n attention, not to drop out water. I wanted to tickle him and  make him laugh somehow. I told him that I’m goin to tickle him now that he drops out some water. He said “Hey, no.. no.” “Wait.”  I made some funky sounds, wiggling my hands just to distract him. I shouted  “TTTTOOOO…..” “TTTTOOOOO…….”. And I WON!!!!! He did drop few drops there out from the can! (yiippeee!!!)
He turned and asked  “Have we really grown-up? ”  with a smile.
Well…. I dont really think so….
May be we just dont want to…

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