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Weekend Patrol

April 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Sometimes there’ll be patrolling at my home especially at kitchen area and R will be the police. He does his job really well..I should say. His eyes can reach every nook and corner. I have a bad habit of laying things on the kitchen counter carelessly. All kinds of flour that I generally use for breakfast can be seen strewed over it atta,rice flour,semolina or maida. R has told me umpteen times not to keep them opened. Every day I make up my mind to be more systematic. But my lazy bones would not be just ready for the go. Once I start cleaning, then there is no looking back. 🙂

The real scary time is when R opens the fridge. At any given point of time, I can never be sure if my fridge is out of garbage. Atleast there’ll be one vegetable two weeks old nicely packed and kept under the tray. Sometimes I turn lucky. He just asks me if anything is left out..rather than searching it all by himself.

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