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Evening Walk in the park

April 17, 2010 Leave a comment

After a long long time, finally we had an outing to the near-by park. Junior Mandrake was seen happily roaming around here and there, exploring his new world. First he was not that comfy walking over the lawn. He would always choose the tiled pavemenths. But later he was fine with anything. Those were the moments of content and pride for us as parents, as we watch our li’l mandrake having a nice time of his own…looking at the other kids playing around, moving up and down the stairways, holding his Appa’s hand… climbing the park benches one after the other….taking a stroll away from us losing all his directions and then turning here n there searching for two familiar faces…smiling back as he gets a glimpse of Appa or Amma…with a feel of relief mixed with his joy of achieving new steps… It was all worth watching.
He liked play area the most. Favourite one being the sliding track. R would lift him up to the top of that sliding track and let him slide down slowly. Li’l Mandrake was so happy n excited that he had his mouth widely opened all the time..smiling all the way…. We had a tough time getting him away from his favourite game. He wanted to swing, but there were’nt any free slots… He did’nt find the see-saw that interesting, so we left it like that. Then we spent some time under a tree. And for the first time, the little one had two biscuts all by himself. We were so surprised to see him having his biscuts all by his own. 🙂
On the way back home, he enjoyed the cool gentle breeze, the cars passing by and found a cozy seat in Appa’s arms. He almost fell asleep before we reached home. Junior Mandake had his fair share of merriment that day.
We all had a great time…. 🙂 Thanks to Appa!

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